How I feel now

Expressions of Love: Part II

Title: How I feel now


There was this idea

An idea full of passion

And love

My plan was to do this

To write

Everyday a little letter

Of my love to you

Packaged into a book

And given in a year

How I felt then, is not how I feel now

I thought the words would find me

Yet sometimes days passed

Where not a drop of ink

Could be squeezed from my fingertips

But as always

They come and go

Today the words flow with ease...


Now I think of your face

Shining like the sun

Bright and burning amber rays

Leaving a permanent image

Upon my mind

Now I think of your hand

Wrapped into mine

Like the tendrils of an octopus

Searching for a new place to stay

Finding a home in the nooks and crannies

Of my fingers

Now I think of your body

Twisted in the sheets

Breathless like the wind

Upon a sea of raw emotion

Riding each wave

Building and crashing into the depths

Now I think of your soul

Calling out to mine

With the sweet melody

Only we understand

Like a bonfire burning

From two twin flams

The sheer force and heat

Removing all traces from before

Creating new life from the fresh flowing air

Now I think of us

And I smile


You are mine

And I am yours







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