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2023: Trev returns to Texas for National Poetry Month incorporating NaPoWriMo: Part 7 Midland

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Image: Me and Kat Copelad at Louies Place with owner Luis his son Ben and Ben' fiaqnce Mercedes. The place is named in honour of Luis's son Louie who died in tragic circumstances. As such Luis gives a percentage of the profits to charity and also councells  people with PTSD, as a military verteran he also offers councelling to other military vets. 





14.04.23 – 112:64) A good night’s sleep I lay a little longer

The call of the pillow the stronger

Then I’m up ready an’ away ready to face the day

Breakfast on the go, to the library an’ It’s when I see it don’t open while ten

So drive round, other venues to be found

They are an’ I can see where I need to be

Library open, mornin’s work done, then out for a day in the sun

Sun lotion the order of the day, keep the sun’s rays at bay

Cos’ one thing I’ve learnt, it ain’t much fun

When certain parts of the body get burnt


113:65) Time in reserve I head to I-20 Wildlife Preserve

Was there last November as the year got old and boy was it cold

Now to see what the season’ll bring, gonna see it in the spring

So I’m walkin’ round. Nothing much to be found

But I can hear the birds in the trees, an’ I’m enjoyin’ the coolin’ breeze

An’ I start snappin away at what I seen today

An’ the cracked mud of what was once wetland I walked on

Wonderin’ where’s all the water gone

An’ a dead fish seen where the waters had been

No sign of the bobcat but its droppin's were on the track

Had it left a message “Hi Trev, welcome back”


114:62) Well time to be away for a gig today

Poetry an’ more somewhere I ain’t been before

Pick up Kat an’ her son Ed, an’ away we head

At a steady pace, to Odessa an’ Louis Place

New venue we look at what’s on the menu

An’ for a treat, for me it’s burger with bison meat

Sure was swell Luis cooked it well

Was good eatin’ gonna take some beatin’

Laurel’s here with her team

Makin’ sure the sound system goes like a dream

Eric comes with a guitar I’m sure the room’ll ring when he starts to sing

So I thought but he said he was jokin’ smilin’ at the fun he was pokin’

Said he was here just to carry the gear

So Tarja’s gonna sing, Ivana's gonna play

Me an’ Kat’s doin’ poetry an rhyme

At Louie’s Place we’re sure gonna have a great time


115:67) Couldn’t fine my vinegar to go with the meal before the rhyme

Then I found. It was in my damn bag all the time                                                                                 

The above poem is dedicated to Barbie of McAllen whom I met last year her favourite expletive is the word "Danm"


116:68) At Louie’s were done, away we run

Cos’ I have to be away for another event today

Barbecue at Connie’s so away I run in the afternoon sun

Wind strong an’ still warm I see it blowin’ a dust storm

So it’s a break an’ pictures to take

A few more, to show what I see on my tour

Then there’s dust in my hair it’s gettin’ everywhere

So once more I’m away to enjoy the rest of the day


117:69) At Connie’s Dusty’s got the griller goin’ tells me an I’m knowin’

We got brisket, we got ribs, we got brats and they sure looked a treat

They’re done an' we sit down an’ eat

I smile at the taste of food done Texas style

The way of the Deep South, so melt in the mouth

Yup Dusty can sure make good chow and how


118:70) We ate, we spoke, at times made a joke

When we were done the table was cleared away

I thought it was the perfect end to a great day

We talked some more then it was time to go  

Goodbye’s said then back to Midland I head

Thinking I ain’t gonna rush I’m gonna tarry

Cos’ I don’t want my name on a speeding ticket,

In front of my friend Judge Larry


15.04.23 – 119:71) rose, got ready didn’t want to be late

I got a breakfast date

So away I head to Mulberry Café to meet Kat an’ her son Ed

But what should have gone like a song soon went wrong

To my distress I’d used the wrong address

Correct one found, a quick turnaround

I’m thinkin’ what a game, when I get there Ed tells me he’s done the same 

As we greet, order then sit an’ eat

We chat about our families an’ this an’ that

We enjoyed the time but then we had to be away an’ so carries on the day


120:72) Library visit paid, this evenings venue found

Meet Jamie the headman an’ we make a plan

Then I regale many a travellin’ tale

Folks there are smilin’ time away wilin’

Then I alight lookin’ forward to comin’ back tonight

Cos soon I got a gig at I-20 Wildlife Preserve in the afternoon

On the way I find, I’ve left my Yorkshire baseball cap behind

Two places it could be, Ed makes a call it’s at the The Munlberry

Quick as a flash I make a dash

Hopin’ folks’ll understand if we start later than planned

Cap collected, thanks given with joy I’m riven

So it’s back to the preserve where, I find there’s no one there

It’s Ed’s first time so he’s havin’ a look round,, to him I’m bound

A guy says “Is that Trevor, good to see you back here”

He removes his hat an’ I see it’s Chris

Who emm cee’d the Library Event last year

We meet up with Ed. No spoken word, just listen to nature instead

Enjoyin’ the time, you could say we were listenin’ to natures rhyme

We reach the trail end but I didn’t know

Chris would make my day by sayin’

“Trev please read me a poem before you go”


121:73) Relaxin’ before the gig tonight day;s sure been a delight

Thinkin’ about where I’ve been an’ what I’ve seen

Prayin’ mantis an’ rabbit, no bobcat but paw prints where it had been

Also possum prints were seen different flowers n’ trees

Three guys takin’ there ease, captured in rhyme, an soon it’ll be time

To make my way to the final event of the day


122:74) Eccentric Brewing Company is where it’s at

For me, Fox, Larry an’ Kat

Our first time, here sharin’ our words an’ rhyme

Sung or spoken, new ground broken

An’ thanks to Jamie the owner for lettin’ us show what poetry’s at

From Me. Fox, Larry an’ Kat


14-04-23 – 123:75) Woke this morning to find.

Memories of last night fresh in my mind

When we happy four read score after score

In turn to the stage bound, goin’ three times round

Lettin’ our work flow, enjoyed by the audience who told us so

Photos happily taken it weren’t in vain

All said they’d be happy for it to happen again

Some even saying they’d yearn, for The Road Poets return


124:76) No poetry events today so I’m gonna be, havin’ some time for me

Breakfast a Denny’s to start then to see a work of art

To Odessa an’ a model of Stonehenge, its mystery an’ history

I’m there under the Texas sun, I could almost be at the real one

Pictures taken then once more away to carry on the rest of the day

To a place where they got cheap gasoline

So I fill up with enough to get me to San Antonio

With gas to spare I’ll top up when passin’ through there

Makin my way back day still on track

For me more things to see, and I set off to see ‘em,

Vietnam Veterans Memorial an’ The Commemorative Air Force Museum  


125:77) Driving along I see an area with a cross an’ pull in there,

I find it’s a place for meditation an’ prayer

For all of one accord

A tablet sayin “May all who view and believe be blessed by the Lord”

A moment to pray, secretly then come away

To see more, next stop a tribute to the Vets of the Vietnam War

Statue of three guys, one hurt he ain’t gonna be left behind

They’re bringin’ him back

Cos’ it’s shown helicopter comin’ in for a medivac

There’s the eternal flame showin’ it was no game

Plaques mentioning the Vets by nakme

An’ I’m not ashamed to be tellin’ in my eyes tears is wellin’

Before I came away, it seemed to suit

Me to stand to attention an’ throw up a salute

Comin’ away humbled thinkin’ I was glad I’d been

Now let’s see what else is to be seen

126:78) To the Commemorative Air Force Museum

The gates was open, so was it all I supposed

But the main building was closed

I’m about to have a look round at the outside exhibition an I see

A woman makin’ her way towards me

Comes up to say “Sorry Sir we only open on Saturday

She said the gates were only open for the cleaning staff to get things right

After a fundraiser last night

No worries I said with a smile an’ we talked a while

Once more, I’m on my way but not before snappin’ away

More pics so people can look, at them on my album on Facebook


127:79) Back at the motel I dwell but not for long, get the day back on song

Rememberin’ what Kat told me, Beal Parks a nice place to be

So there I went, time was spent

Walkin’ round the lake more pictures to take

Cool breeze as I walk, stop an’ talk

To folks and I find they don’t mind

Getting’ satisfaction frorm verbal interaction

Then I’m away followin’ a path through the brush, enjoyin’ the hush

More photos to tell the story of my 2023 tours glory

An’ I see droppins on the trach that seem to tell

Not only I-20 Preserve but they may have a bobcat here aswel


128:80) Stomach seems to say as if yawnin’

“Hey you ain’t had nothing to eat since this mornin”

So to the 250 I’m bound to see what can be found

An’ see a notice sayin’ “Potbelly Sanswiches” an’ think that’s for me

An’ follow the signs to where I need to be

Look at the menu, walk in an’ say “please

Can I have the Steakhouse with blue an’ provolone cheese

Outside it’s eaten. Something else that can’t be beaten

An’ I’m away thinkin’ it was just right for this time of day


129:81) I go for a drive, come back an’ there’s a surprise

A fence on fire being tackled by the local Fire guys

Camera out I’m snappin’ away tell ‘em I'm a retired Firefighter from the UK

They smile, fire out, we chat a while

Then one last photo before I come away

But the camera doesn’t want to play

Hopefully it’ll just that the battery’s flat when they’d gone I thought “drat

I should have known there’s a camera on my mobile phone”.


130:82) Battery charged not in vain camera working again  

Must remember more than of late to check the battery state

So now it’s ready for tomorrow when once more

The Road Poet continues his tour

But for now it’s my last night in the motel

So he’s gonna relax an’ listen to Pachelbel

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