Mental health

A  worldwide mental health crisis over us does loom,

A measure of anxiety can prevail even sitting by yourself in a room.

One can try to take one day at a time to sort things out,

But sometimes several days at a time, in attack ,can come about.


Depression is a medical disorder, causes disruption,makes life hell,

Good mental health is a state of well-being when you can function well. 

Open up to a friend when a burden weighs on your mind or heart,

A true friend can counteract the worthless thoughts and play a big part.


Without a doubt we are living in critical times as a human race,

Broken hearted,crushed in spirit confronted by problems hard to face.

Worthless,unlovable and useless thoughts can frequently rule the mind,

Take control of your thoughts,live for the future,leave trauma behind.


We are not alone in our distress,

Sharing a problem can relieve the stress.

A heart broken and crushed you can mend,

By the love and compassion of a good friend.


A true friend shows love at all times with whom you can talk,

Doing practical things together ,such as going for a walk.

Helping with the shopping, the cleaning or some other task,

In a worldwide mental health crisis ,don't be afraid to ask !!







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M.C. Newberry

Mon 24th Apr 2023 17:30

I take on board your comments about "ideological" causes re.
the NHS. However, I'm curious about HOW much tax money
per annum has been spent on the NHS in - say - the last tive years. The vast sums allocated to Covid alone are eye-watering, whilst management has been in the firing line for its
cost when those performing the sharp end stuff are taking to
the streets in their quest for more money....wages that fall
dramatically short it seems of the largesse granted to the pen-
pushers whose financial comfort zone seems to equate with
grotesquely high salaries being paid to thousands of council
leaders, higher than the salary due to the prime minister!
Public money has always been treated with a certain cavalier
approach - the BBC is a good example of that - and good
housekeeping is always the right aim whatever expenditure
on the public behalf is involved. Objections today to any
private medical care participation is, in my view, misplaced
when those who have the means and the urgency are in a
position to ease the workload on NHS staff and allow others
to benefit via faster service, not least when millions have to
take their place in some health queue or other after the advent
of Covid, a situation that even now is hardly being called to
account internationally for financial redress against its source
in China, that secretive ambitious democracy-free country!

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Mon 24th Apr 2023 08:31

"...overloading a health service no longer fit for purpose."

The NHS has deliberately been made no longer fit for pupose, for ideological reasons.

As early as 2005 or so, Jeremy Hunt's NHS policy book: 'Direct Democracy: An Agenda For A New Model Party' called for the "denationalisation" of the NHS, and for it to be replaced by an insurance market system. That is now being enacted.

That book was co-authored by Tories Kwasi Kwarteng, Michael Gove, Douglas Carswell, Daniel Hannan and Greg Clark.

The destruction of every last vestige of the UK's "welfare state" and of the public services is the primary aim of the Tory party.

It's got nothing to do with "feckless teen mums" or "people in small boats" which the Murdoch client press would have the gullible believe.

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 17th Apr 2023 18:22

Interesting how the increased contact available via this 24/7
global media world that we now experience can be the
well-known "two-edged sword". On the one hand people
proclaim the right to make themselves known and heard - and
on the other people declare that they are victims of that same
facility and make allegations of ephemeral stuff that they say
hurts them and represents the equivalent of "a crime" in the
process, sending the knee-jerking modern police into action
or overloading a health service no longer fit for purpose.
I am old enough to recall when "good intent" saw the closure
of mental hospitals ( like Horton and others) that provided a
sanctuary for the mentally distraught, in favour of a well-intentioned (those awful words that precede so much disaster) official policy called "care in the community". No need to
elaborate on this folly that saw the really needy deprived
of their places of refuge - sentenced to wander the streets
and become victims - or out of control culprits as a result.
First, do no harm - even now, abandoned by sections of
the medical profession withdrawing their services in pursuit of getting extra money on their own terms alone. Another
decline in the standards adopted by today's essential
social services. First, do no harm? Surely a sick joke - no pun

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Mon 17th Apr 2023 12:15

Thanks Hugh, for pointing out an important subject.
I count myself fortunate having family and friends to turn to.

However, in the UK, mental health services along with the rest of the NHS have been trashed for ideological reasons.

In recent decades, highly vulnerable children have been forced to travel 100's of miles to get the treatment they need.

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