April Fools


April Fool! - If You Voted for this “Vote Leave” Pack of Lies

You’ll benefit from better care provided by our NHS thanks to the re-allocation of funds from the EU budget.

Controlled immigration will lead to reduced wating times for you and your loved ones.

Excess funding that would otherwise be sent to Brussels can also be directed to education, meaning better prospects for your children.

Your wages will rise thanks to better controlled immigration, which will lead to less competition for jobs.

Your weekly food shop will become cheaper.

Food prices will no longer be inflated by agricultural policies controlled by the EU.

You and your family will benefit from a resurgent economy, led by new and flourishing small businesses, following the removal of burdensome EU regulations and red tape.

With less pressure on housing, younger generations will also find it easier to get on the housing ladder.

Politicians, both local and national, will become more accountable, helping to strengthen your community and others especially those most damaged by EU policies, like farming, fishing, and industries like steel.

A more prosperous and safer future awaits us outside the EU.

A vote to leave is a vote for a brighter future for you, your family, and your community.




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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Fri 21st Apr 2023 11:35

Thank you all for your likes and comments.

We want our sovereignty back!
Where from?
From Europe - 20 odd miles across the water?

No, from the Asia-Pacific CPTPP trade bloc thousands of miles away!

Well done Brexiteers!

To paraphrase Rudyard Kipling's Epitaph

We could not dig; nor in daylight rob:

Therefore we lied to please the mob.

Now all our lies are proved untrue

They’ll never live the dreams we slew.

What tale shall serve us here among

Defrauded angry old and young?

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Reggie's Ghost

Mon 3rd Apr 2023 08:22

...and yet knowing the likely outcome the Scots will one day vote to be free from Westminster.

I'm sure Russia continues to tell the ex-Soviet states how much better off they were in the USSR.

It's a compelling thought, freedom.

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John Coopey

Sun 2nd Apr 2023 10:38

It is quite useless, I’m afraid, Uilleam. Leavers are too invested in their gullibility. Of course there has been the monumental benefit of the UK-Asia Trade Deal, described by the Government as “the biggest trade deal since Brexit” which it estimates will grow the economy by 0.08% - just a snip beneath 1,000th.

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Stephen Gospage

Sun 2nd Apr 2023 08:31

Thanks, Uilleam. I remember Monty Python's Graham Chapman writing 'A Liar's Autobiography'. Lots of them must be queuing up to use this title.

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