(music: "How did it happen"- Tom Holding)

Don’t let me go

Away in singlehood unfounded

For I trusted too long

A single word

So pointed in its centredness

It's lost

in all the vanity of averageness


To the most simple of the truths

For I know

In hopes ungrounded

That that away

too lost in misted lows

Is just an absence of tomorrow

A loss almost too beautifully crafted

too well imagined into being

Among missed instants of complete emergence into other.


Do let me go

Away into forever

So I can keep

That promise I had made

To myself


Before I remembered

How to master it all

Into one single act

of seizing to master being into being

so that my own projection of your darkness

reminds me how to live

in every breath

that randomness affords me


thrown backwards into feeling

a raging cry of desperation

to just live through it

so unpassionately fallen into life

with anyone

nor anything

but someone

secluded from the fakeness of a lusted present

always too late

or early too

moving in fear of an understanding well understood

dissipated into the next moment


complete in its total paralysis

forgotten for the others

misunderstood in pains untold




a singlehood too chosen

too misunderstood

for grasping is not being

but a single question to oneself


Will that absence unimagined

surrender you

into the long-awaited peace of nothingness


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