(music "Interstellar" - by Hans Zimmer)

One word won't let the sadness of your silence

slip by another time

just whisper closely once again through breaths skipped one after another

that nothing can be easy if not tried

you move in steps not taken

dreamt through instants merged into those others

in wishes bold but also thoroughly controlled

or not

maybe just raged out in outspoken pain cries

that no one hears and never would

cause you don’t trust they will be heard

a movement of misunderstood disaster


in wild screams that your mind takes



not spoken


Just why


don’t you trust that it might be


and usual


in all its lack of inspiration

or perfect combination

of moments

that just don’t happen otherwise

cause you know and saw that fear unravel

just there in front and all around sights

and eyes not met but well-known

since you trusted a moment

which vanished

but not a hope shared.

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