Fantasy Football

Red and white, blue and green

What colour represents your football team?

Is it the colour they actually play in?

Or is it the one that they play away in?


These days of course,

some teams have three strips

To make you shell out more money

when you’re on your away trips


How long will the new manager last?

Longer than those sacked in the past?

But being sacked can be a managers dream

They get ‘compensation’ for picking

a useless team


Results are what they’re judged on of course

Getting knocked out of cups makes it worse

This may be the only opportunity for success

Chances of winning the league are much less


The boardroom is the ‘powerhouse’

But some chairmen are more like Mickey Mouse,

when it comes to running a club

Some go bankrupt, they can’t do the maths

People say they couldn’t run a bath


The players themselves can be a pain

Ducking, diving, never wanting to train

They’ll fake everything including injury

Especially if it’s being shown on TV


The VAR will catch them out

So falling over giving an excruciating shout

Won’t fool the ref and his assistants

The cameras will have it sorted in an instant


But the fans will have the final say

The players can kick and scream all day

But it’s bums on seats that fund their pay

If the team Is crap and not performing 

The supporters can start walking

Faster than their team can run

And that’s it folks our club is f… done!




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Rick Varden

Tue 28th Feb 2023 17:50

Thank you Stephen, yes many years ago I ran a junior team and it’s very hard work. You have to be steal and borrow just to get kit!

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Stephen Gospage

Tue 28th Feb 2023 08:56

Thank you, Rick. It's often humbling to see the effort put in by volunteers in amateur and junior football, compared to the antics of some of the Premier League crowd.

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