Soliloquy No 4 – Once More Into The Breech…....

Soliloquy No 4 – Once More Into The Breech…..

Once more into the breech of your T72 tanks we beseech you comrades,

once convicts, now conscripts for the Motherland,

we give thanks for your coming sacrifice.

The chameleon West has shown its true colours.

Bleached by the sun, its poison runs to help the Nazi Ukrainians

whose blood we will spill to stain the land.

Blot out their blue sky! Rip out their yellow sunflowers!

Reclaim the land as ours as once it was.

I have got the hardiest best equipped army in the world.

Even if some of you may go to the front in your slippers our warmest 

boots will follow as we remove them from our recent dead who

have borne the brunt of my special operation to protect our mighty nation.

Oh Russiyane braves!

Your sacrifice today saves the Motherland tomorrow.

As I said you may not get to wear them but now is how

to prove your worth, your right to represent the Motherland.

I have sent you to redeem yourselves, hurl yourselves in to the fight

against tyranny: steamroller them into the mud and earth.

Stand firm; don’t squirm with fear like the worms you were on Moscow’s streets.

Beat your chest; howl at the septic West whose foul quest

is to poison mighty Russia.

Crush them like roaches under the tracks of our thundering tanks.

Don’t fret, stay cool, fuel may yet arrive.

The fools will feel the fullness of our venom and then some….if you’re still alive


Rape, kill and pillage in every village and town you pull down but

don’t forget I didn’t set that rule that your clown generals did.

Redraw the old border; restore the old order, the old empire with fire

in your hearts, no rations in your belly.

Remember Ukrainians will turn to jelly before our clapped out tanks.

And of course if you run out of ammo don’t worry

we have plenty of blanks.

Onwards comrades!

Even our dead dear leader Stalin (who will meet shortly) sends his thanks.


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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Wed 15th Feb 2023 19:48

The "enemy within" the UK government, the "Friends of Putin", the traitors in the City of London and in the House of Lords are getting away with murder.
Why is the UK government not being held to account?

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Stephen Gospage

Thu 9th Feb 2023 08:45

A remarkable piece, Andy. I love the way that a poem like this can reduce vile pomposity to what it really is.

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