Nuwave & Lager

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Kanye's in the news

Talking smack about the Jews

And it reminds me of the time


Had to call time


You and your right-wing podcasts

(More like NOBcasts).


Let's just rewind-

To the time

When would we spend four hours

Using vivid shades and powders

Of 80's makeup *in* the 80's.


Nuwave & lager

Collected at 2am by father

You didn't move much farther

From where I went from there

You with your big curly hair

Mine straight as a poker (NOT FAIR)

Not in the 80's anyway. 


What's that you say? 

Times have now changed??

Your thoughts rearranged

In the 2000's

You're suddenly most proud

Of your *new* right wing in-crowd.


Well? Fifty years down the shitter

What a fitting tribute to an elder sister

Who did what she could to help

But all you could do was YELP

On about your **Libertarian** bullshit

So yes, the sun has now set

On the 80's sisters

And their misters.















































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