Alone With My Glass

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I don't know HOW MANY TIMES

I have to say the line:

'I collect vintage glass from charity shops'

Because up someone inevitably POPS

To say the idiot phrase:

'There's loads of that on ebay, every single day!!'

And what do I say

By way of return? 

I describe how I yearn

For my beautiful glass treasures

WHATEVER the weather

Does or doesn't do

While I search for pieces others regard as poo.

I don't care WHO

Sees me in there rummaging

Treasure hunting and plundering

In among the goodies

For GLASS (or pottery)......but defo NOT Adidas hoodies. 

My collection grows and grows

But sure, everyone knows

That when I die

My daughter probably WON'T cry

When she takes my glass back

And sets it once more on its charity shop track

To re-circle the globe

In truth yes, all told

Mine's from all over the world

The unfurled

Beauty of delicate Italian

The brutalist stalwart-y German

I love my glass treasures

I measure

My TRUE WEALTH by them

They are my fren-




































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<Deleted User> (34685)

Fri 2nd Dec 2022 01:04

forgive the one-off rhythm nicking Jo-so inspirationally tempting


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Jo Callisto

Thu 1st Dec 2022 23:18

Uilleam, I LOVE that story about you and your dad... sending off for parts to make a radio.. that's SO cool... vs the throw-away-culture we have today... 💕

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Thu 1st Dec 2022 08:30

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!
Or as they say in my local the beer-holder!

In the 70's and 80's I had a thing about collecting old valve radios, (some of which still work), and some of which I imagined I could repair, but never did, and ended up in the tip.

I think it stemmed from the time my dad and I would send off for kits which we would assemble with the use of a soldering iron. We managed to make a single-valve short-wave radio - which did work, and was powered by a 9 volt battery!

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