Elon Musk Smells Of Wee

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I know this because

I once had cause

To be at a fancy affair----wait, pause-

I'll explain:

I'd gotten the train (MANC/LDN)

In the pissing rain (ha! 'wee/piss'.. get it??!? lol)

My brain

Fucking HURT

At the thought

That I ought

To be grateful


(Which I actually WAS)

That my company

Was sending me to some frumpy

Bollocks of a black tie


Of the cringe and the bile.

Those fuckers have NO STYLE

But all the while

I'm paid to forebear and smile (grr).

When in walks this rando pile

Of UTTER shite,

Who looked like a right


Ded cocky

Faux troll-shocky

His attempts 

Falling FLAT (like his hair)

On their arse

The fucking farce!!

The la-di-daaa's-

Sucking up til they'd swallowed **HIS** WHOLE ARSE (and probably his scrotum.. IF he has one.. which he doesn't... BUT IF HE DID!!)

I pondered heading for the door

But then Musk walked acoss the floor

To me.

And yes,

He smelled









































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Jo Callisto

Mon 28th Nov 2022 16:44

MC Newberry, yes... his emerald mine inheritance money from pops must surely help with this current status as King Troll of Trollville.. 😁

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Jo Callisto

Mon 28th Nov 2022 16:43

lol Uilleam... that's is such an amusing analysis of the word Musk... 😅😅

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 28th Nov 2022 14:04

I wonder in my own small way what it must be like to be a hate figure for the disaffected? Perhaps best endured when you have
enough money to just smile and wave?

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Mon 28th Nov 2022 08:57

“**HIS** WHOLE ARSE (and probably his scrotum..”
Funny you should mention that…..!

MUSK (Arabic): From the word muska, meaning “testicle”.

The deer gland was thought to resemble a scrotum.

Musk is a class of aromatic substances, including glandular secretions from a gland of the musk deer.

And about:

"the pissing rain (ha! 'wee/piss'.. get it??!? lol)"

I've often walked in the pissing rain whilst being pissed up,...thing is-
why does the rain never piss UP-
why is it always pissing DOWN?

Just asking like!

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