Living under a veil of uncertainty one tends to spiral

Denial, Trial and Error the child inside is desperate to come home

Errors and false hopes become tendencies eventually

One and all, once together, all get pushed to the periphery

In a cold winter one tends to call the warm home

Layers that seem adequate we love to deem adequate

A covered fire cannot burn

A covered person yearns to become more

To attempt to score, be it a score or more

To be more becomes a chore

After all, a covered person is unsure

The vague encore by new people forces you to drink more

It is no longer a chore

But before you would’ve said no more



                  Below the layers you know better

Is it the cold weather?

Usually when change happens it’s for the better

Buy another sweater, put it on, throw it away, feel better

Why pursue her if you don’t dress like you can get her?

Brandish the big letter, you know it fits better

You know nothing and your pockets know better



Exquisite taste, colourful plates and the marketplace

Bright lights evident of a bright life

But what happened to that spark in your eye

Are you the same guy?

Say you love life

But a creature in the day only loves the nightlife

Bright lights, back into focus, you’re at a club night

A score, a fag, a light, that bloke’s looking at you funny

Is he alright?

Dutch courage brought upon by a Belgian beer

You’re fuelled by Europeans and an urge to fight



Everything’s alright

Mediocrity in sight, a warm house, a blanket how can anything be shite

Scrap healthy food, a donner suits you just right

Is this home?

You’ve got all the toys but no joy

A pirate alone on their ship you’ve no one to ahoy

A cold heart cannot be warmed

Layer up it’s cold

The house’s heating is old

A big bed is bigger when you’ve no one to hold



A rut

Eyes wide shut

You try and sleep but that’s not enough

What’s troubling you?

Can you not get it up?

If I don’t do it now you won’t be down to





You’re acting strange

You don’t laugh the same

That child once in you is gone

How can’t you see life as one big game

Yes you’ve aged but that doesn’t explain your rage

None the wiser, a drink was never the way to turn into a sage

Look in.





Multi faced

Yet you’re limited

Invited but never remembered

Never remembered the same

Why can’t people see the real me?

You plead

Look in.





The layers you put on are becoming hot

Your home is warm enough

The smell of cooking in the air, a warm embrace and a mother’s touch

Lower your voice, no need for it to be so gruff

Loosen up you’re acting so tough!




Below the layers your heart yearns

Unable to move your heart turns

A blanket too thick, a shirt too small but who cares if you were never tall

What you’ve always had is enough

I’ve never cared at all

To play all you need is a ball

I mean it’s cold but when you move you’ll find the layers a bit much is all

We’re just happy you’re here

Look in.



A cold heart isn’t always clear to see

But a cold heart wasn’t always me

A child needs to learn how to count, the first numbers few include 3

Yes we adapt

Growing up isn’t a trap

And maybe

Some people are crap

But to peel back the layers

And maybe see

you can always go back

To who you once wanted to be

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