I need to see clearly now

I need to see clearly now


We are caught and entagled in a synthetic web

the recipients of fake news, the victims of deceit

Confused and bewlidered we stagger about

mentally dull and spiritually exhausted

We flounder and stumble from pillar to post

lost in a world, a web that entices and seduces us


My eyes are dimmed, my heart flags

yet resistence is only a step away

Energy is called out to trample the foe

as I rear my head in a clear line of vision

I seek a spirit of discernment to bring inner stability

I need to distinguish and investigate so many false claims


We are being moulded, conformed and controlled

forces unseen are at work to ensalve us

Alarm bells ring to alert us of our dilema

to awaken before we are engulfed in a plastic fantasy

Clarity of thought needs to be ignited

before our feeble candle is snuffed out


We see the daylight yet live underground

our pallets fail to taste any flavour

 A tonic, a spirit of vitality is urgently sought

before we sink into the abyss of eternal slumber

I need to see clearly now or all is lost

I must harness all my faculties or die

◄ In the twinkling of an eye


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John Botterill

Tue 22nd Nov 2022 07:01

Thanks Keith. This is an anthem for our times. This poem rings very true for us all. 👍

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