The Ugly Game

The beautiful game's turned ugly, 
not a pretty sight.
A thousand jagged stitches, scars 
all left and right.
A hideous looking monster, 'football' 
only in name.
A tournament born from corruption, 
greed and shame.

'Welcome to Qatar, but don't make 
yourself at home.
We don't believe in gay love, no mercy 
will be shown'
What kind of place is that, a place it's 
safer to live a lie.
Where your basic human rights, they 
aim to deny.

Every new Stadium built, cost many  a
migrant soul.
State cover ups and lies, disguise the 
real death toll. 
Boycott this competition, the right and
proper thing to do.
Have nothing to do with Qatar and the
World Cup of 2022.

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Mon 21st Nov 2022 10:43

How true.
The hypocrisy is ought to be noted that many elements of the rabble-rousing homphobic, racist dog-whistling gutter press, who have been most vocal in condemning "sports personalities" on this matter, have themselves been celebrating the securing of "deals" with various Qatari authorities.

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Stephen Gospage

Sun 20th Nov 2022 08:08

Well said, Mike. This is the world cup of shame.

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