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Sometimes I think the name 'Joanne' really isn't sufficiently frivolous-

Because just now on telly, I saw a mushroom named 'HIDEOUS GOMPHIDIUS'.

Compared with plain old boring 'Joanne'....HIDEOUS GOMPHIDIUS is very exotic!!

I mean yes, my parents would surely been deemed PSYCHOTIC

If they'd have given me such a name

But who could have blamed 

Them though!!!??

Truly unique!! 

Exquisitely boutique!!

People would FREAKKKKK

TF OUT!! when they'd ask: 'Name??'

And I'd stand there... chuckling to myself.... raising my game-

From vanilla-manilla 'Joanne'.......to **HIDEOUS GOMPHIDIUS!!!!**


Name change!!

All the rage-

These days!!

My parents would *probably* remain loyal-

By phone saying: 'Hello? Is that Hideous?'....(and yes they *would* definitely silently recoil)...

But longer term gains matter!!

It'd get the neighbours a-natter!!

'All press is good press', so they say.

There again.. it would probably keep my daughter away

From me for a while

She definitely would NOT SMILE

While stood next to me in line

'HIDEOUS GOMPHIDIUS, the Dr will see you now!!'. "You utter swine!!-

Mother, for changing your name!!"

She would exclaim.

The idea's therefore cancelled from my brain (booooooo!!!).

So 'Hideous Joanne Gomphidius'? ...it's been nice to know you-

But I do NOT need my highly judgemental daughter calling me a POO-


Yet again. 

For the fifty millionth time. 



























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Jo Callisto

Wed 16th Nov 2022 01:24

Thank you Bethany. I think I'd rather be called 'Ms Hideous Gomphidius'... than Lee, or Jamie, or Justine... 😎

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Bethany Sallis

Tue 15th Nov 2022 21:50

Actually Jo, to me you look more like a Roxanne or Rosemary which are both lovely names but I agree, Joanne really is a bland moniker-don't tell your uncreative parents I said that! 😲

Those unusual ornaments featured in the accompanying image?
very unusual! if I were to name them, I would call one Lee, one Jamie, and one Justine-oh! I really LOVE those names-do you?

bye for now HIDEOUS!

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Jo Callisto

Tue 15th Nov 2022 16:39

lol... 😅😅 yes, I can't deny that it is at least easier on the ear...

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Tue 15th Nov 2022 14:50

I much prefer 'Joanne'.
Easier on the ear😄

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