I'm In Hell

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I am in HELL

With the SMELL 

Of these foul people

These fucking prosecco drinking SHEEPLE

With money (and a planet) to burn

I will turn


From ANYONE engaging

Because I am fucking raging

At their mindless smalltalk

Their gibberish squalks

YOU can have all the plastic *you* desire

But I'm still in a damn FIRE 


In this plastic boat

It really does get my goat

Flashing your plastic cards

So you can 'look at the stars'

'Right from the middle of the ocean'

And what? your token-

Recycling is back home?

Being sent away and out to the TWILIGHT ZONE

A full Himalayan range of mountains on the beaches

With hoards of Indian magpie seekers

The poor

Who are just looking to score

Some cash from our trash.

If I die send me there.

Don't send me to that dystopian carnival fair

On a ship where I'm emotionally bare

Metaphorically unclothed, desperately trying to hide

I'll absolutely plank myself over the side!! 

I will!! 



























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keith jeffries

Mon 14th Nov 2022 17:42

Such incandescent vitriol but I am with you all the way. I would rather be in the prison of a police state than sail the seas in one of those ghastly block flats which float around the world.
Thank you indeed for such an eloquent rendering

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Mon 14th Nov 2022 10:14

You've hit the nail on the head!

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Graham Sherwood

Mon 14th Nov 2022 08:59

Love it and agree wholeheartedly. Some good lines here, we’ll done!

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