This War

This War


This war is endlessly pursued

each day reveals horrors endured

It is not what this is for

but from whom it came to the fore

We all know his name

which speaks of his infamy

Soldiers on both sides die every day

civilians join this melancholy fray

People are being deceived

as they join those who are bereaved

War crimes reveal the horror

and result in anger and sorrow

Will this war ever end and peace arrive?

so that those who are left can struggle to survive

Or will it relentlessly continue?

until people awaken anew

The evil one must be deposed

and then we can rejoice when he is truly decomposed

It is another human human tragedy we witness

that makes the world realise that all war is nonsense

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keith jeffries

Fri 11th Nov 2022 19:21

Graham, thank you for your 'like'. Stephen, thank you as this war troubles me greatly. Uilleam, thank you also for your comment. There are two poems from the Great War which always come to mind at this time of year. Siegfried Sassoon "The Menin Gate" and Rudyard Kipling's "Jack". I enlisted in the Army in 1966 and served for ten years. What I witnessed would make pacifists of most. War is brutal and futile. It scorches the soul.
Thank you all again

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Fri 11th Nov 2022 16:45

"Soldiers on both sides die every day
civilians join this melancholy fray".
Well put.

Now in my 70s, I find the subject of war increasingly and heartbreakingly sad.

"If any question why we died tell them because our fathers lied."
Rudyard Kipling.

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Stephen Gospage

Fri 11th Nov 2022 16:17

Thank you, Keith.

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