100 years

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Tayyip Erdogan, the leader with a vision 

As the treaty of peace expires 

Turkey is looking forward 

To regain its lost glory and power 


Putting an end to Ottoman Empire 

A dream coming to reality 

That's what almost everyone feels 

With the completion of 100 years Of treaty of lausanne 


It all started during world war 1 

Back then treaty was signed 

France, Germany, turkey, uk, Greece, Romania Yugoslavia and Japan 

Countries came under a peaceful rite 


1923 to 2023 the world changed drastically

Conceiving the changes that may appear soon 

Ottoman Empire may rise again to rule 

With a man born to rule and lead the nations 


Hoping the peace to remain intact

No matter what may happen or who may rule 

Economy should grow, goodness to improve 

Giving humanity it's right glory under new rising rule 







◄ I ❤ Allah

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