The Luminous Poets


Behind bushes, drunk on your own
ravings: not the best place to start
the renaissance and take-over.
You're there because the dark poets
are winning. You believe they've won.
The vampire and the necrophile
are the characters they play with.
Ugly the art they think thoughtful
howls and shrieks are now musical.
Heart is heading for the deep freeze
-when else would you set it beating?
Behind bushes, drunk on your own 
ravings: the perfect place to start
a little spark, of so many,
which may just possibly take hold.


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Adam Whitworth

Mon 7th Nov 2022 14:47

Dear Penguin,

This poem may be prompted by the music warehouse I work in.
So many titles feature skeletal zombies with hanging rotten flesh,
all kinds of monsters and miseries. Why this genre is so popular I don't know.
Perhaps people think these are dark times and the end is nigh.
Violent and depressing films are from the same stable
and I think poetry, perhaps always prone to melancholy,
is bleaker and more solid with misery than ever.
I just like to encourage the underdog and optimist here.


Mon 7th Nov 2022 13:42

I'm a bit confused. Who are the dark poets and who are the luminous poets and whose side are you on?

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Mon 7th Nov 2022 13:32

"...drunk on your own

I know the feeling 😞

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