'I am Nobody', says Odysseus

to Polyphemus, and though

the stratagem was meant

to prevent the Cyclops 

from calling for help

against the correct

culprit, sometimes

even a ruse speaks

the truth, for who

really is Odysseus?


The corporeal form of king

is but the fleshly husk

of an amorphous journey, 

the formless essence

yearning to be found

within, all whilst

battling the seas.


Could the attachment then

to a self, as our sole

hypostasis, ever 

vanquish, should 

the Styx be shown

not to be some 

oasis of souls, 

but brimming instead

with egos severed 

that had burdened 

their owners up

until the ferryman

came to dethrone them?

◄ Dystopic.

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