Father, mother, sister, brother

 Prized and protected above any other;

We love and defend the familiar face

And that applies to the familiar race.

Nature sees the strategem

Of species consorting and preserving them

That share the traits that keep them safe

Against the dangers that would chafe

Against their futures and their aims

Their achievements and assorted claims.

Life speculates to accumulate

That will always be its fate

And when it looms to do its worst

We turn to those we value first.







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M.C. Newberry

Mon 7th Nov 2022 13:20

Thank you all for your comments. It does no harm to examine
ourselves occasionally, warts and all. Objective or subjective....,
they both come intio play in our shared human existence.

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Graham Sherwood

Mon 7th Nov 2022 11:42

Is there not a difference between

A young woman and her child who have been removed from the country she loves and who's husband still remains in Ukraine to defend its sovereignty.


A young economic migrant male who has left his country, leaving his wife and family behind to make do without him.

I think in general, a majority would say it is easier to think better of the first example than the second.

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Mon 7th Nov 2022 11:28


Is a completely false statement. I have fought all my life in whatever way I could, against racism sectarianism and bigotry in all its forms.

Incidentally, I completely reject the ideological claptrap which holds, for example, that because I am white I am subconsciously a racist, or that because I'm male I'm a misogynist at heart.

"Ultimately" in brackets is an attempt to say "oh well it's going to happen anyway, so a little bit now and then, as and when its suits the political climate is OK."

And no, I'm not a "Social Justice Warrior" or a "Critical Race Theorist" with an ideological agenda.

Reggie's ghost is spot on in his observation about the UK's treatment of Ukranian refugees as opposed to eg. Asians or Africans...disgraceful hypocrisy, virtue signalling, and racist dog-whistling are rampant in the UK Parliament.

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Graham Sherwood

Mon 7th Nov 2022 10:13

I think the shock-jock title doesn't do much to engender support for this piece. Perhaps the simple word 'are' at the front of it might have been more suitable for reflective comments.

I must admit that after watching the news (indeed all forms of the media) for example impoverished people using the ever increasing number of food banks and then the ever increasing number of boats full of immigrants (and the associated mess caused by this) all wrapped up in the present cost of living crisis, which some of us have seen before, it is easy to take an extreme view of the overall malaise within the country.

I think Reggie has a point. My wife and I have become acquainted with a Ukrainian lady and her young child and have helped her in several ways. But she didn't want to come here! Most of those coming in boats do! Ergo the sympathy changes.

Are we all a little racist? I think we are at times, usually during the bad times or when something bad has happened and we should be ashamed of ourselves. Amen!

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 7th Nov 2022 02:47

Greg Freeman disregards the point - the legiitmate aim to pose questions that engender debate. He clearly has no time for
the latter when it diverges from his own views..
His comment that I am "misusing" this site deserves my swift
rebuttal for a variety of reasons, not least Voltaire's: "Judge a man by the questions he asks and not by the answers he gives."
I refer him to Alexander Pope if he wishes to confront really "uncomfortable" poetry - which also rhymes. Cheers. .


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Greg Freeman

Sun 6th Nov 2022 23:17

Stephen, your dismissal of this posting as 'depressing and pointless' absolutely hits the nail on the head. What motivates MC Newberry to continue to misuse this site to peddle his views on matters such as racism and climate change denial, only he can explain. The words may rhyme, but they sure ain't poetry.

Reggie's Ghost

Sun 6th Nov 2022 19:47

Contributors on WOL will in the main be extremely non-racist and keen to show it. But what MC says is probably true for the country as a whole. One has only to look at how we have embraced Ukrainian refugees compared to those from Africa or the Middle East.

Of course I am completely non-racist.

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 17th Oct 2022 14:50

The comments are appreciated and respected. But the topic
is worth our attention, free from virtue-signalling and the rest.
It is right and commendable that we "take as we find" and treat
our fellows with respect. That said, there is the wider aspect:
how human behaviour "behaves" and affects others in a more
general often concerning sense. Looking after number one
becomes excusable/explainable from varied viewpoints but
these might not sit comfortably with others. This becomes the
basis for disenchantment and resentment when it is widely
perceived to be a "threat". Check history anywhere in the world. Respect is not a one-way street and that needs to
be understood by us all. UK society at present is being
given the "bum's rush" in a way that does not bode well
for future social health and that worries me, hence the
intention of my poem to pose an awkward question or two..
SG - you were a lucky man that day. You reminded me of the
afternoon when - off duty - I rescued an Asian bus conductor
from the aggressive behaviour of a group of black youths in
Edgware Road. He was a lucky man that day.

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Stephen Gospage

Sun 16th Oct 2022 17:17

I probably owe my life to a black bus conductor who, back in the 1970s, saved me from falling off the back of a Routemaster in East London. Fortunately, he didn't seem to prioritise the 'familiar race'.

I find this poem depressing and pointless.

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Sun 16th Oct 2022 17:12

This poem saddens me and I simply can't be arsed to explain why.

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 16th Oct 2022 15:34

kj - thank you for the considered comment.
Flyntland - Indeed; no denial from me. That said, I sought to
address the dichotomy that sees contrasting behaviour and
attitudes "across the "spectrum". We seem so accept traits in
others that we deny in (or to) ourselves. That intrigues me.

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Sun 16th Oct 2022 08:48

" and that applies to the familiar race" your words - never mine.

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kJ Walker

Sat 15th Oct 2022 22:14

My initial reaction was to take issue with the title of this piece, and assume some moral high ground.
But unfortunately I have to admit that to a degree you are probably right.
That having been said, if there is a spectrum I think that we'd be on opposite ends .

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