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Air to Austin


the colossal wing

flashes politely

just outside my window


sunlight melts

the goosebumps

from my arm


carts rattle down the aisle 

with the scent of

fresh coffee beans


the young man next to me

lets his lengthy

fingertips fly freely


tap dancing 

his open letter

to the world


the tiny circle fan

above my head 

tickles the greys I have coming in


the ones saying

“well done” for

making it this far


the seatbelt sign dings

green now

deeming us free


ice cubes

tumble sweaty into

clear plastic cups 


foil packages

twist, crinkle

and open up


I pause

my AirPods

just in time


to hear the attendant’s

Minnesota accent

stretched out like gum






I swing my


thank you!”


over the

roar of the

jet engine


that keeps us

high above

Mississippi fields 


crimped clouds

reflect off the 

oxbow lake below


a perfect vanity mirror

for heaven’s mischievous 

cast of characters


my hand


my head


as I lean

into the



the steady hum

of high



pulls us




and takes me





© Candice Reineke 2022






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Candice Reineke

Fri 14th Oct 2022 12:41

Thanks for the kind note, Bethany!

<Deleted User> (33540)

Thu 13th Oct 2022 22:44

brilliant! loved this, Candice. Thank you.

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