Growing Pies

Growing pies, is it on trees

Or on stakes like beans and peas

Or hedgerows, just like blackberries

For us to pick whene’er we please


Or do the pies only thrive

In the shade of money trees

I wonder, will the pies survive

The discontent of winter freeze


Maybe we just dig them up

When they have grown sufficient size

And roughly slice and serve them up

With mashed potatoes or with fries


Green-fingered Britain, do not fret

There is no need to agonise

To Liz’s garden we’re in debt

We just need to grow some pies


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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Thu 6th Oct 2022 10:48

The government's "moneytree" policy is:
money grows on trees but only for the rich and powerful.

"Them uz 'ave will 'ave" as they say round these parts.

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Stephen Gospage

Wed 5th Oct 2022 21:43

Good one, Steve. It looks like pies and lies are the order of the day in No 10.

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Steve White

Wed 5th Oct 2022 18:31

That Anti-Growth Coalition seems to be growing by the minute...

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Greg Freeman

Wed 5th Oct 2022 16:07

Don't agonise, organise! Join the Anti-Growth Coalition, as defined by Liz Truss. We even welcome north Londoners ...

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Wed 5th Oct 2022 15:13

Steve, don't believe everything that you are told.

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