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Playing in the garden
watching films together
as you nestle into my arm
learning each other's language
You trusted me, eventually
became part of my family

I loved to watch you
explore the world we shared
sunbathing on the rug
or endless pats in the living room
Your fur and the quiet purr
of little teeth grinding

What I've been dreading
now, it's happening
You’re still you
but your legs no longer work
yet you look to me
with such affection in your eyes

I’m so happy we were alive 
at the same time
I’m so grateful your life 
aligned with mine
and I can't measure
the happiness you brought

As the tears clear, I can see
I’m doing the right thing
and yet it sorely stings
to watch you slip away
Such trust in your closing eyes
as we say our last goodbyes

All I ever wanted
was the best life for you
You're skipping now forever
through the meadows
and the vegetable patch 
of my fondest memories...



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John Marks

Thu 6th Oct 2022 19:53

Charlie 2007-2020

Yesterday, after 13 years of unconditional love,
Charlie allowed death to overtake him
He'd been slowing down anyway
The old ticker on the blink
Arthritis in his legs and more.
The old trooper staggered on.
Out with me on his final night,
Plodding through the spring grass:
Making our time last.

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Tue 4th Oct 2022 12:10

Thank you Flyntland, Graham and Stephen. Flyntland, you are absolutely spot on there; they're our friends and family. 'Doing the right thing' when the time comes, is incredibly difficult but is an act of love. Graham, that's very sweet about your password, a nice little daily reminder of the friend you lost. Thanks Stephen, I'm still upset so it was a hard write but I'm pleased you think the feeling translates. Thanks so much all for reading and commenting.

And thanks too to Holden, H@yl3y & Frederick for reading and 'liking' this one.

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Stephen Gospage

Tue 4th Oct 2022 07:40

Incredibly moving, Tom. The sincerity of this relationship shines through. 'Such trust in your closing eyes' brought tears to mine. My condolences.

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Graham Sherwood

Mon 3rd Oct 2022 10:00

Yup, so many of us can empathise with this. Been there done that and it never really heals. Our old dog's name is my password to many sites. reminds me every day!


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Mon 3rd Oct 2022 09:43

I have lived my life surrounded by animals ( or friends as I choose to call them) and I know that that last act of love is the hardest one ever.
Well done for writing such a sensitive poem and for protecting your 'friend' from fear and pain.

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