The Taking of Gaia by Stealth

Taking Gaia by Stealth



     There are cowards here,

dare not speak to a tree, or a bird that nests,

     their own children – now deformed,


     ‘it is too much to believe, we are

the empath of a Gaia World for,

     no tree has ever spoke to me, or bird and,

     children, should be seen, and not heard.’


     My world is theirs and yet, they have

‘right’ and ‘power’ to tear down what they do not know,

what they will never know and what and whom sustains.






     My world and your world is under siege I say,

speaking to an old forest tree, the fungi to eat carpeting

my footfalls,

     my world is under siege as is yours when,

………………………………………. ‘I miss you tree!’


     The tree sends a knocking as my ear presses to

a grain of character, character fireflies too, miss in abundance.


     ‘I miss you tree, for they not know,

yours’ is an awareness of barometer that warns the world, -

the very same pod, of Whale, the very same herd of Elephant

     that an understanding ‘known’ Rama listens.’


     My world is theirs, my world is under siege,

but the power will bring all down that represent Empath and for it,-

     the Starling no longer flies to hint of extra sense perceptions

     as they change shape to velvet textures in the day sky.


     Ours, is a planet the charlatan has taken and for it………….

…………mother nature is bugging out as Genesis Models go by.


     But when did it end, when did our illness begin………..

……  ’the moment, we fed their brainwashing to our children now ill,

               We gave them the go ahead.


                    We gave them the go ahead; our lives,

                          our creativity,

                                our family,

                                     our spirit soul and empath,

                                          our shine they siphoned off,

                                               our World of other beings our indigenous always                                                                                                                            ‘loved.’


Michael J Waite 2nd October 2022.


For Charlene an co, for mpho.









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