Embarassment Of Riches


I crashed in half way through the tune and stood transfixed
The tail end of a poem flowing fast into the mist
when all the apples in yon orchard belong to me
I'll hear again the music and gain the words completely

one so poor must offer up this unfinished design
must return to the forge and the mill and the mine
if all the apples in yon orchard belonged to me
ruby ladybirds and all their spots I'd count with thee

I've dreamt so many scenes for the characters I play
silhouetted fishermen with faces turned away
until all the apples in yon orchard belong to me
by thin canals I see them fall into misery

After all my years can I hatch out of the past
now the runes become clear and the die is cast
all the apples in yon orchard now belong to me
I can open the gates to all as apology


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John Botterill

Fri 30th Sep 2022 07:52

This is a fabulous poem with a vast sweep and clever use of the refrain. I love the noble tone and the pulsating rhythm, too. Awesome!

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