Give Up Mr Putin

Wake up Mr Putin 
smell the coffee hot and strong
You may consider you are right 
but you couldn’t be more wrong 

Hear them Mr Putin 
the strong women of your land 
Not willing to give up their men 
to risk their lives as you demand

Watch them Mr Putin
as the brave men turn and flee
Rejecting your coercive ways 
and military call up plea

Wake up Mr Putin 
your tactics are weak and senseless
The cruel threats of prison or war
are brash, foolhardy and reckless 

Face it Mr Putin
this ridiculous war is lost
The people of your country 
are not prepared to pay the cost 

Give up Mr Putin
you can never win this war 
The whole world is now questioning 
just what the hell is it all for 

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Stephen Gospage

Sat 24th Sep 2022 14:55

Quite right, Julie, although perhaps he will have to be pushed.

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Stephen Atkinson

Fri 23rd Sep 2022 21:46

If only he would realise this, Julie!
Hope is eternal! 🙏🌈

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