It is a brutal game, this war,

But certain lines you do not cross.

Conventions have to be maintained;

It’s difficult to say much more.


When you see this, when you see this –

You know damned well of what I speak –

No human souls should be hung out

Unclaimed and near to the abyss.


Someone will try to wriggle out

Of these evil exhibitions,

Claim force majeure or some such thing,

But we know what this is about,


And we know what may come along

When all humanity is gone.


◄ Guilty

Dawn in Ukraine ►


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Stephen Gospage

Mon 15th Aug 2022 16:40

Thank you, John and Keith, for commenting. I really appreciate it. Reports of the torture and mutilation of POWs are truly horrifying. I tried to pitch this at a fairly general level to avoid it being too gruesome.

And my thanks to Frederick, Julie, Stephen and Holden for liking this.

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keith jeffries

Sun 14th Aug 2022 21:22

A forceful poem which emanates an anger which so many of us feel at this time of unrest. This poem captivates a strength of feeling.
Stephen, thank you for this

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John Botterill

Sun 14th Aug 2022 18:55

Grim poem, but apposite, sadly!

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