Seems like only yesterday I left all that behind

No more lousy rat-race, commute or daily grind

I started work from university

At Grimethorpe I was almost 23

A 20-year stint with the NCB

A green nerd

But now work is just a four letter word.


But like thousands that I worked with I survived redundancy

So wearing my best suit and tie I sold consultancy

The money and the work kept rolling in

Contract followed contract on the spin

I couldn’t wipe off from my face my grin

It was absurd

But now work is just a four letter word


Then I thought it time that I should make a cautious peace with God

Becoming Abbey verger though I’m sure you think that odd

Atoning for my days as Jack the Lad

And though you’ll think that I was barking mad

It was the best job that I ever had

Quite superb

But now work is just a four letter word.


But time and years before my eyes just like the clouds have flown

I draw an ill-earned pension now my days are all my own

I look back now on Mammon with disdain

I would not tread such pointless path again

But simply take each day of sun or rain

Thankful that as yet I’m free of pain

I’ve preferred

To look on work as just a four letter word.




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John Coopey

Sun 7th Aug 2022 22:54

Many thanks for your thoughts, Greg and Stephen. I am aware that it is a lot easier to be disdainful of Mammon when you’ve got some. As the great philosopher Benny Hill said “Have you noticed how all the people in favour of birth control have already been born?”.
And for the Likes, Frederick, Stephen A and Holden.

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Stephen Gospage

Sun 7th Aug 2022 22:03

One of your best, John. It's amazing that, even well beyond retirement, one can earn eye-watering sums from consulting work. Bill those minutes and the hours will look after themselves!

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Greg Freeman

Sun 7th Aug 2022 14:15

Good on you, John! Making use of another fine tune from the maestro.

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