R. P. I.

R P I - The Anagram

There’s a cost of living crisis that could cripple me and you

with the fastest rising prices since the end of World War Two.

That’s me and you - generic you - we’re all in this together,

except we’re not there’s many who this storm will simply weather.


I can’t believe we’re here again they’re advertising gold

values and investments,  when to buy or sell or hold

as workers and the unemployed fret about our food and bills

the stinking rich are ever buoyed; listening to their ringing tills.


While the monthly prices indices they call the RPI

what statisticians use to bleed the plebs and workers by.

But this quaint abbreviation that they christen RPI

is but a crude estimation used to measure who will die


and save on costly housing bills, expensive social care

Government without the frills keeping infrastructure bare.

So for fuck’s sake friend be honest and swap the letters round

there’s little time for modesty and tell me what you found?


That RPI is just a code that everyone should see

an anagram that should be shown just as it is – R I P.

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