The sons of lucifer spreading mischief on earth

Whoever they touch are filled with hate and mistrust

Lots of gold and money to share

Only to buy humans to make them devil worshippers 


The servants of Satan, following Satanist cult

Performing rituals inorder to worship their devil 

They dress up well to hide their darkness and filth within

But their words are enough to know what their souls consists of


The followers of devils are mostly handsomely dressed 

Their darkness they hide behind heavy make up 

Only revealing that which can attract you towards them

But when naked they are statues of disgusting stuff 


The sons and daughters of the vouched enemy of human

They are here on earth Only to carry out the task of their father 

Bearing devils in womb of chosen devil worshipping wreck 

Raising tiny structures of devils and Satan 


God made Satan Only as a test

So don't fall a prey to his charm 

He's only pretending friendship 

In his heart He's Only filled with hatred

◄ Not a poem; diagnosis

Half of it ►



Fri 3rd Jun 2022 20:08

Indeed God has removed the devil from me.👍


Tue 31st May 2022 08:57

Thnq Nigel. I hope so🌷

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Nigel Astell

Sun 29th May 2022 10:26

Good will keep evil far away😈

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