City Tour

Good afternoon, you’ve come from far and wide;

In Mariupol, I shall be your guide.

Do not believe the lying foreign press,

Who will pretend this place is one big mess.

Just look at the improvements we have made:

All that extra space, if a bit less shade.

(And any minor damage has been done

By outside agents who have cut and run).

You see that souvenir shop with its flags?

Our leader’s face adorns its plastic bags.

Once there was a school beneath this rubble,

Till our brave boys rooted out the trouble.

All those busloads going on vacation,

Are no longer part of this great nation.

Whichever way you look, the future’s bright

And soon we may have power for the light.


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Stephen Gospage

Thu 26th May 2022 17:31

And thanks to Nigel, John C, Holden, Brenda and K Lynn.

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Stephen Gospage

Wed 25th May 2022 17:59

Many thanks, Greg and John. Your comments are very much appreciated. Some elements of this conflict seem to be beyond satire, and sometimes ripe for it, such as the 'Staged Events'. But claiming you have 'liberated' people whose town and lives you have completely destroyed, and then forced to flee, that takes some beating.

And thanks to Frederick, Tom, Julie and Rudyard for liking.

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John Botterill

Wed 25th May 2022 09:31

I love the satire, Stephen. Rivals Orwell at his best! Bravo!

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Greg Freeman

Wed 25th May 2022 09:16

One of your best yet, Steve. I was going to type, 'When all this is over ...' But anyway, you will soon have an admirable collection of Ukraine poems. This one is right up there.

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