Burnt feelings

Before the night ends and the day Is done

The water recedes in the background 

There are words unsaid and emotions unshared

I wish these could be conveyed when it was time 

The sun has risen, the darkness retreats 

Few scribbles on the papers to read and wipe


Within this heart of mine, a little too big yet it's small 

There're feelings trapped waiting to be expressed

I wish I'd done at noon time high 

But it's all too late to say a word or share an Essay

No dramas to recite, nothing of whispers to hide 

Love is all I made up of, too much to give and receive 

Wish it was then I could have, now saving it for eternity

Captured everything around me the heartfelt feelings 


Dancing under the moonlit night

Along the beach, over sandy space 

Musical notes rising and falling 

A tidal orchestra on the display 

With Winds of romance to blanket us 

A purple glow under an Arabian tent 

Where mornings would be bliss to wake upon 


Or on a clumsy evening of rainfalling down 

A cosy cabin by the brook of peace 

Wooden logs burn to keep the heat in 

As our desires wake and sleep with divine music 

Space to share with my loving one 

Romancing the nights and days

under rain showers flowing around 


There's a little me blocked inside 

Wishing a well and oceans of love to share 

On a wakeful monotony of the working day

Stretching to reach the loving arms around

A little love to spill here and there 

Perfectly bringing me to life again 


I wish I could write those untouched feelings 

On the sheets of love in a romantic cabin 

Watching each seed grow and attain it's youth 

Watering them with more love and care 

Before it could be a tree of romantic life 

I realized, it was too late to utter anything 

So wrapped up words are sitting inside 

The treasure chest of lovely feelings 

Hoping someday they find a heart 

To hear these words singing my true love

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Nigel Astell

Wed 25th May 2022 00:05

With Winds of romance to blanket us
A purple glow under an Arabian tent
Moonlight feelings keep on singing.

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