I am Me

Getting better is as simple as getting up

and doing it.

Or, at least I think it should be.

Worrying about what I’m doing next isn’t helping

When I’m not doing anything right now.


A city on the clouds

Lined with golden bars and silver gates

The prettiest prison you ever did see,

The cloud 9 in the back of my head.


I sit here, and think, about how I

Sit here, and think, about how I

Sit here, and think, about



You can follow that rabbit hole all the way

to 2007 if you wanted to.

I wouldn’t recommend it.


But I’ve made a revelation,

And I think it’s important.


I am not a Mind, trying to get its heart to beat again.

I am a heart, shriveled and starved,

fighting tooth and nail for my mind back.


We are Legion


I am Me


and I will break out one day,

from the prison on the cloud 9 in the back of head.


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