Always A Student

I learned two new things today

And I must say

Both were fun--

As the sun

Shone down on Wales

(Which isn't the typical state of affairs here!!). 


The first factoid

Was not to avoid

Buying items made in Italy

Painted prettily

But oddly shaped

(In this case, a vase with completely unintelligible angles). 


Because as it turns out

Abstract pottery has some clout!!

And I'm now in no doubt

That rather than a 7 year old

This vase was painted by an artisan bold!!

(Minor league in the artworld, but still of note). 


The second factoid is a little more daring

Two early 70's women were raring

To find what they called 'BONK-BUSTER' books

That they hadn't yet read--in the charity shop--and I had to be sure not to look

At them, for fear of them seeing me nosying in 

At them rooting through the 50p book bin. 


There's no correlation

Between the lamentation

From these senior ladies---for more BONK-BUSTER books--

And my pottery vase with all the looks.

But new pottery knowledge and new word-learning took

Me back once again to being a humble student of this life.





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Stephen Gospage

Mon 16th May 2022 06:57

A brilliant poem, Jo. Learning happens in so many different ways!

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John Botterill

Sat 14th May 2022 19:28

It's good to share these nuggets Jo. Very enjoyable, Jo.

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