Good morning

A beautiful day to start with

Humbled by the care He shows

My protector and my guide

In thee I shall always rely


A lovely day embarks on the ship of gold 

Creating a peaceful healthy beginnings

I'm grateful for this perfect healing 

That was divine anointing 


I'm happy and filled with noorullah in my heart 

For the one and only God almighty, Allah Subhanahu Tala 

Has always shown mercy to me and has been too kind 

Blessings me immensely with divine love, care and light 


The satanic tribe is just close behind, tip toeing it's way 

All is well known to my Allah, who's guarding me in every way 

Lucifer is on his way, to attack again and again

The battles with my God, its not with me in any way 


I'm thankful for everything that Allah has bestowed upon me

The air I breathe, the water I drink, food I eat 

More so I'm thankful for His divine love and care for me 

My only Hero who is All protecting and All mighty One


It's a perfect start to a beautiful day 

Filled with mirth and merriment that's given birth 

Each day is a second chance given to us 

Only trying to make the most while on this earth 


Prayers and worship to my Lord, morning till night 

My primary purpose zo fulfill eachday till I'm alive 

For this is what I am born for and have been given life 

It's my endeavour I take everyday till my soul finally departs



◄ Eid ul fitr Mubarak!!!


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