Walkabout With My Pen (Chants from Walkabouts - 1)

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Poem 2 of 230:  WALKABOUT WITH MY PEN 


C2 F3 G2 G3 A2 A3 G2 G3
C2 G3 A2 A3 G2 G3 F2 F3
C2 A3 A2 A3 G2 G3 F2 F3
C2 G3 A2 G3 A2 G3 F2 F3

C2 F3 G2 G3 A2 A3 G2 G3
C2 F3 G2 G3 A2 G1 F1 F3)

Once drove an old sedan up north,
    From a place in Sydney to Cairns;
Then to Kuranda I went forth,
    By train, to look without set plans.

(Whistle and, sometimes, clog-dance the rhythm)

I browsed through the trendy market,
    With fresh fruits of tropical kind;
Walked to the creek through lush thicket -
    Nature’s hand giving peace of mind.


I dined in a scenic cafe;
    Then, outside, as I wrote for yen,
Passing Djabugay called-out: “Hey,
    You go walkabout with your pen.”


Request or question, I don’t know -
    Assured voices, elderly men.
That’s now several years ago,
    And I’ve seen the world - with my pen.

(C) David Franks 2003
From http://walkaboutsverse.blogspot.com

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