From Reykjavik to Kyiv

Reykjavik, where Reagan

and Gorbachev almost agreed

to ban all nuclear weapons.

Gorbachev, an old man now,

maintains that this dream 

is humanity’s only hope.


The shelling of civilians

is indiscriminate. The situation

has gone far beyond insults,

invective, rhetoric.

Forty years on

I’ll concede that avuncular


rightwinger Ronnie Reagan,

bete noire of all 80s lefties,

was correct. Despite

glasnost and perestroika,

this empire really is evil,

paranoiac, toxic.


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Greg Freeman

Tue 8th Mar 2022 21:50

Thanks for the comments, MC and Steve, although I feel I'm running out of things I can usefully say about all this, if I haven't already. Thanks for the Likes, Stephen and Graham, but I'm not sure Like is the right word here.

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Stephen Gospage

Tue 8th Mar 2022 21:37

Greg - As a young idealist, I believed in the total abolition of nuclear weapons. Strangely, fifty years later, I still do. It is the only real hope for humanity, even if it will be mighty hard work.

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 8th Mar 2022 18:03

Reagan: Tear down that wall, Mr Gorbachev.
Putin: Build up that wall,.comrades..

<Deleted User> (30611)

Mon 7th Mar 2022 16:28

Stop Press : Greg Freeman agrees with right winger, shock horror!!!

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