Gentle Vs Wicked

Muddled minds with cruel plan,

And the vicious journey began

Each one deranged in its own way;

Missed to reflect the price to pay


Lies interwined everywhere;

Living the life in intense fear

The puppets were dancing to the demon's move;

Shaking the heads left and right,

Twisting the words like brain-dead


Now came an innocent heart;

Doesn't play mind games

All it needed was the knowledge to explore;

Thus it took this brave tour


Kindness was unbound;

Every query asked was considered,

And responded with utmost care

Never looked down on anyone;

Hoping it's presence can help someone


Time & Energy were sucked out,

Leaving it to wonder!

Decided to play along & bring out the truth;

Realised! In the world devoid of compassion,

It's tough for the benevolent soul


Rather than wasting its time further,

Decided to move out;

Hoping someday lessons will be learnt

And the world will be kind again!

real lifeworld


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Kevin Tan

Sat 22nd Jan 2022 21:38

Life will be good again, for sure. Most damage I experienced was done by psychology and psychiatry. Their theories should be regarded as philosophies, not as factual truths. In fact, very few have been validated by neurology. Thank God I was in time to repair the damage and now I'm loving my parents more than ever before. In the 80s and 90s everyone supposedly had borderline, like Madonna's song. These days everyone is a narcissist. Jesus drank wine, now suddenly it's toxic. I spent my twenties finishing my bucket list, now people call me broke and a loser. I'm neither, but who cares. They will judge you anyway. I had a good day

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