Words of magnificiant splender written in verse

Words like magic casting a curse

Words of forgotten lore

Words of a slipped Tongue

Words sharpened like swords

Words of bleeding mercy to the court

Words you cannot abort

Words are spoken so they shall be

Words of suspicion shaking the ground at your feet

Words of mistrust to the unsuspecting mind

Words of disappointment our thoughts are lined

Words of hatred from the peirced heart

Words of Hell's fury ravaging the gates

Words of loss

Words of anguish

Words that can't postulate

Words of remorse

Words of the controlled

Words the prison you hold

Words surrounded in darkness

Words of reflection disrupted by ripples

Words of regret

Words that cripple

Words lost in a bet

Words of fleeting hope

Words Titanic in notion

Words like icebergs in the ocean

Words to patch your boat

Words of frozen love

Words of being alone

Words of grief


A Momen of Silence!





Words of truth to understand

Words of healing in your hand

Words of courage in finding the energy

Words of growth you start to see

Words of Love that are always there

Words of faith you have become aware

Words of freedom your soul begins to feel

Words of Leadership a responsibility to yield

Words of connectivity a recnognition

Words of respect to each its part

Words of caring for the heart

Words of oneness comes without thought

Words of family like a rock

Words not sold nor bought

Words of strength

Words to deposit in your bank





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keith jeffries

Sat 22nd Jan 2022 09:11

Without the ability to communicate as we do through language it is frightening to even consider how we would be able to exist. Words say it all. A poem worthy of thought before putting one's thoughts into words.
Thank you for this

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