Two children have been orphaned after a feud over parking in Somerset !!

Parking rows in a village near Taunton ,neighbours have said,

Led to a couple being stabbed and tragically end up dead.

They have been named as Stephen and Jennifer Chapple,

Their horrific end ,a community ,sadly have to grapple.


The impact their deaths will have on their children is utterly heart-breaking,

Aged five and six found asleep upstairs,traumatically breath-taking.

Our thoughts are with their families and their unforseen plight,

Please God help them get through what happened on this dark Sunday night.


Jennifer lit up the street with her smile,

Steve a teacher,always went that extra mile.

Both were well respected, loved and kind,

Our hearts go out to the two children left behind.


A 32 year old and a 67 year old have been arrested at the scene,

Suspected of committing a crime,Oh so mean  !!!

Falling out with neighbours can leave scars on the mind,

In memory of those departed ,let's start a regime to be kind.



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M.C. Newberry

Wed 24th Nov 2021 13:56

A crime that surely reflects the "me-me" age we have made for ourselves. A ghastly and utterly avoidable outcome that signals
a grotesque lack of self-discipline and control. The ensuing
explanation/investigation should make distressing but probably
unsurprising reading. Pity the poor children - the long-term victims of this lamentable deadly assault.

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