If only you knew


When is it all going to end?

When are these thoughts,

going to shed?


I can’t stand another day with you not here

but there

inside my head


it makes me sick

love sick


I am afraid of not controlling what’s


When there is no such thing as



if only you knew

the pain, the agony, the hurt

this has brought me


It frightens me that

I still lay, here

At AM thinking of all the things we could have been

When you might be laying, there

Only to then just fall asleep


And now

that we are ruined

I am only growing



and bolder


you were my soulmate

the wrong soulmate


But at least now I know

my heart is too pure

for someone like you


If only you knew





#love #romantic #heartbreak

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Chris Bunton

Mon 22nd Nov 2021 17:05

Love it

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