Tommies Gone

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An imagining, inspired by the WWI play,
'All About the Boys' by Robert J. Fanshawe.
About the final days of Wilfred Owen

We’re going off to War
Don’t really know what,
We’re fighting for
But as they, cheer us on
And make, such noise
We proudly, sing this song,
‘All about the Boys’

We’re doing it for King and Country
Train leaves the station, at nine-thirty
On our way, to a Foreign Land
Shiny-sovereign, in our hand
Off, to make some noise,
‘All about the Boys’

…We’ve been in this, God-damn trench now,
For six-months, maybe more
Going into, yet another,
Final Show, of this never-ending War!

With the Shelling, getting Louder
The Bullets, flying Closer
The Weather, turning Colder
The Quagmire, sinking Deeper
The Rats, are now far Bigger
The Lice, ever Sweeter
Our Comrades, Falling Stiffer
Life’s, becoming Grimmer
We can’t take, this Hell much Longer

With little noise,
‘All about the Boys’

Though the moments, in-between
There’s something, quite obscene
Because it’s Love, that keeps you going!
And that, you’re doing your Duty,
For those, back-home not knowing
The futile, sacrifice bestowing
A life, with such few joys,
‘All about the Boys’

So let’s, hear one last Hurrah!
For All the Boys

Make some noise
‘All about the Boys’

Let’s make some noise
‘All about, the Boys...’

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