An Unexpected Garden Guest

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Outside, I spied in wonder,
An enormous Elephant Hawk-Moth Caterpillar,
As it writhed up beside me one day,
Just in time to take its breakfast order
With his trunk out in front, and a large dark body,
The full-length, of my largest forefinger,
Leaving me to linger, at the sight of such an affront,
Upon my unsuspecting veranda

“So what would you like, for your first bite,
To break your fast?” I asked,
“The full works, cereal or just some tea and toast?”
“Oh, nothing like that”, was his response,
“Just a munch and a mulch on your finest,
Freshly cut, fuchsia leaves please”

He then wriggled up onto my shoe,
And I let him on through,
To take a seat at the table so set
And then went off to fetch,
From the plant out front,
Leaves all nice and fresh,
As was his request

Where upon my return ,
I was to then learn,
He’d already started to turn,
So upon a bed of soft fuchsia,
I took him and left him to lay

Until one day, very much like today,
I was to discover, from out of under his cover,
He’d gotten up and gone away, leaving me to pray,
“I do so hope he will return some day”

Many days then passed, and memories slowly turned to dust,
Until when sat outside, upon one warm summers night,
I saw by the glare of the full-moon’s, beams of light
A resplendent, giant, Elephant Hawk-Moth in flight,
Fluttering high up above, and laughing out loud

So I asked, having been taken quite confound, 
“What’s the cause of such jollity untold?”
Where upon, it then did unfold,
As he replied loud and bold,

“Well, never in my wildest dreams,
Did I think I’d end up like this.
I always thought, I was just destined to become,
A replacement moustache,
For the better lookin’ by far,
Mr Graham Souness!”

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