Your Florida Preserve


Wooden pillars squeak in the afternoon wind

Waters slap against the shore

Not angrily but without end


Bleached bright pier reflects the sun

Man holds his pole on a “No Fishing” sign

Like a catch would have been fun


The sky so tantalizing blue

It fools you into thinking

The water is too


The sun also plays games with your mind

Shimmering off the murky river like gems

A rare find


Motor boats and jet skis rev in the distance 

The fun you know they’re having

Makes you stop to listen 


Golden reeds dance to their melody

Palm trees join in

Reminding you relaxation is a remedy 


Kids cackle down to the dock

Embracing freedom like the world is theirs

And there’s no clock


Mom scrambles to their row

Stroller wheels clicking on panels

Her commands right in tow 


The breeze chills your skin

But you know you can turn

And the sun will warm it again


A ranger steps til his boots hit their mark 

He gently informs you

“Half an hour til we close the park.”


You linger on your poem’s last word

Rewriting and retrying 

Til your voice feels heard


Spanish moss leads you back with its sway

Persuading even the longest lingerer

To wrap up her day


Your warm leather seat greets your backside

The sun glows oranger and lower

Off your mirror and onto the countryside


© Candice Reineke 2021















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◄ Insecure Wind 💨😂

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Candice Reineke

Fri 29th Oct 2021 18:20

Thanks for your kind words, Jennifer. And you “took us there” with your ‘stalker’ poem 😁

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jennifer Malden

Fri 29th Oct 2021 11:42

Agree absolutely with Keith about 'being taken there'. One can see it all happening, and the language is beautiful.


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Candice Reineke

Mon 18th Oct 2021 21:26

Thanks so much for the note, Keith 🙏🏽

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keith jeffries

Mon 18th Oct 2021 09:25

The quality of a good descriptive poem is that it takes the reader into the place being described. This poem achieves that.
Thank you


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