Friend Me

I don't do Facebook
so I do not have total strangers
asking me to be my friend
how can you be a friend
to someone you've never met?
a friend should be selective
a friend should not be random
have some dignity
have some sense
besides that
I don't care about your selfies
or your self-promotion
or your vacation photos
after seeing Facebook
I need a vacation
from all my so-called

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jennifer Malden

Wed 20th Oct 2021 17:10

Couldn't agree more!!!!!!!!! Am not on any social network as when I read the drivel, in atrocious English usually, which most of the content seems to be written in, I can't think why anyone should spend a considerable amount of time reading it and commenting. There are so many other things I prefer doing in my free time.
Also why should anyone be interested in my daily life, which is what most people seem to go on about?

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