When did  you last see reports about the effects of the sun?

Ot its proclivity for uncontrollable activity (so far I've seen none!);

When did you last see reports about far-off solar flares

That might impart knowledge about closer climate cares?

When did you last see reports about the existence of sun spots -

Far away formidable influences that tend to transmit lots

Of violent upheaval to our spinning dot in space

And see its meterological events move from place to place?

There seems to be a silence that's somehow far from sunny

So - let's look out (and up!) while keeping a careful eye on the money.

We find ourselves lectured repeatedly about the appliance of science -

Note: But science seeks its funding and convenient compliance!






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M.C. Newberry

Fri 15th Oct 2021 16:30

Thank you for the comment, Brian.
Indeed, I will add to my previous donations to WOL if anyone can
cite ANY instance of my DENIAL of the effects of human activity
on the climate. My position has always been to question the
LEVEL of the effects and the relevance of equally important
influences - the sun, giver of all earthly life, being the obvious example - in rational reasoned debate.

Brian Blanchard

Mon 11th Oct 2021 20:03

Well said Mark. As a former researcher (meteorologist), I believe there is more at play here than simply human contributions, and more issues than simply environmental. Questions should be asked...particularly when current policy and plans are leading to global energy shortages.

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 11th Oct 2021 15:03

I find that when awkward questions are asked, answers are rarely forthcoming. It is this that concerns me. The attitude that "maybe you are right and most of the world's scientists are wrong" is indicative of a view that infers that asking relevant
questions is a temerity that is to be dismissed as some sort of impertinence.
Oh dear.

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Greg Freeman

Sat 9th Oct 2021 13:13

Maybe you are right and most of the world's scientists are wrong, MC - that sun spots and not human activity are to blame for climate change. But even if you are right, we can't gamble on that being the case, and throw away the chance of influencing the climate for the sake of saving a few quid here and there. We owe it to the planet, and to future generations.

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 9th Oct 2021 12:52

Thank you KJ. I take the view that human activity must be
carefully monitored and controlled to limit its effects on our
atmosphere at every opportunity, but I also wonder about the
absence of any references to the overwhelming influence of that huge "giver (and destroyer) of life" that signals our every day...
let alone anything about the considerable effects of pollution from world-wide volcanic activity above and below the sea.

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kJ Walker

Sat 9th Oct 2021 08:36

We on this planet are no doubt going through a period of climate change.
And when you look at how humans are behaving, there is overwhelming evidence that we are contributing to that change.
But throughout history and prehistory the planet's temperature has constantly changed. Ice-ages followed by tropical periods.
Maybe we should look at solar activity and maybe... just maybe.. we are not totally to blame for the rises in temperature.

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