Sabina Nessa R.I.P. Our gender violence epidemic is a disgrace !!

Five minutes from home Sabina Nessa walking in the dark,

Was savagely murdered by a complete stranger in a park.

Hidden under a pile of leaves discovered by a dog walker,

 Indiscriminately attacked  by an unknown  male stalker.


Women and girls deserve to feel safe at all times,

But are being subjected to an intensity of crimes.

Male violence is killing women and restricting their right to be free,

Tackling violence against women must become a policing priority.


A kind and dedicated teacher a devastating end meets,

"It's why we don't walk where we want,when we want on our streets !"

A growing list of women who's lives have come to an end,

Sabina was due to go and see her family at the weekend.


Women all over Britain are worryingly  stressing,

An unending cycle of violence against women is depressing.

Our gender violence epidemic is a disgrace,

Tougher measures to protect our women we must put in place !!!





◄ Plastic surgery !!

Tougher laws required ►


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Laura Taylor

Tue 28th Sep 2021 16:44


Thanks for seeing it, and us, Hugh.

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 27th Sep 2021 17:06

Speaking from a perspective that seeks to prevent these tragic
incidents from occurring, it depresses me that there is trite
stuff about stopping it happening whilst failing to discuss
how and why it does! Sadly, there's nothing new in this sort of
activity. I recall that back in "my day" a policewoman acted
as a decoy to catch a man who preyed on women alone in
vulnerable locations. She was attacked and fought back, but
injured before the nearest "aid" could reach the scene - no
doubt carefully chosen by her assailant who was caught.
trying to escape. The mix of location. time and predator/prey situation that existed were all too recognisable. Prevention
takes various forms, not least the realisation that danger
EXISTS out there. My niece carries a device with a piercing
"shriek" to it - one step towards accepting that risk needs
to be understood and confronted. There has been talk
about the police doing more to protect women. So easy to
say, isn't it?. But don't wait for the "how" to follow! Because
it won't !

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Martin Elder

Mon 27th Sep 2021 11:31

I totally agree with Greg on this one Hugh
Well said

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Greg Freeman

Sun 26th Sep 2021 19:26

Well said, Hugh. I know you usually write jokey poems, so well done for straying outside your usual zone with this deeply-felt one. Your sentiments are, I'm sure, shared by all here on Write Out Loud.

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