7000 steps a day could cut your risk of dying by 70 percent

To walk 7000 steps a day is my intent,

Cuts my risk of dying by 70 percent.

Plans for walking the equivalent of 3 miles a day I have made.

Making it much less likely to die in the next decade.


Taking more than 10000 steps a day did not result in a further risk of dying.

So keeping to a sensible step rate I am constantly trying.

I sometimes think about my sedentary peers,

And worry about their body mass index fears.


I am afraid I have been telling you a lie,

To pull the wool over your eyes I did try.

Yesterday 35000 steps I did make,

Hopefully in the future this record I will break.


Exercising regularly creates new cells in our brain,

Fighting Alzheimers ,Dementia and other forms of pain.

Hopefully in the future I will avoid residing in a carehome,

And continue to exercise and happily roam.


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M.C. Newberry

Thu 16th Sep 2021 15:36

Travelling in hope takes many forms, that's for sure.
Sensible use of the limbs will keep the heart working, aided
immeasurably by a well-researched diet plan that feeds and
lubricates "life's muscle" in the most advantageous way..
As for exercise per se - think of all those paragons of human
fitness in sport who suddenly drop dead despite at the exercise
they've indulged in over their not always very long lives! It
makes you wonder, doesn't it? .

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