Venezuelan Diaspora

They have left behind their country,

Some of them by plane,

Some of them by boat,

Others less fortunate only have their legs

And do not hesitate to use them.


They have traveled with hope,

Hope to live a normal life,

Just they want to work,

Just they want to study,

Just they want to eat something

at the end of the day.


They have carried their diplomas with them,

Their knowledge and experience too,

Their Diplomas are still into the battered suitcases,

Their knowledge gets older with them,

Just their experience is prepared,

Ready to bright again.


Sometimes they dream to go back,

Go back to their loved Venezuela

They know is just a dream,

Go back is not a real possibility.

Go back means misery,

Hungry, poverty and death.  

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Stephen Gospage

Thu 16th Sep 2021 21:45

The situation is a tragedy for many and Erika's poem brings out the tragic aspect and the yearning for home so well.

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Erika Montoya

Thu 16th Sep 2021 20:04

I will try to answer you, but I have to find the answer in the deepest of my unconscious.

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 16th Sep 2021 15:46

Strange to think that there are countries whose people only seek
to abandon them. What path did they take over the years that
brought about such a hateful failure in faith and the future. What
happened to the basic human drive to succeed against the odds
and emerge the victors over adversity, with pride and positivity
in their efforts to make their lands worth living in? What of the
mindset that saw this sad situation occur, not least in those
who presumed to lead others and made such a hash of things.
Are some people(s) their own worst enemies? I wonder !

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